Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Over the first few weeks we will be supporting children in making new friendships with children in our class and around school. We will also be interacting with them in our continuous provision to support turn taking, sharing and promoting compromise. Much of this is also focused around establishing new routines and adjusting behaviour to different spaces and activities. It is a pleasure to get to know the children and families alike.
Foundation Autumn 1 Curriculum Topics
Communication and Language
Over the first half term we will be focusing upon the children's ability to get to know one another. Our literacy and language will be child led from the children's questions and linked to the big books used for shared reading. Our speaking and listening focus will be supported by observing the children in provision. It will also be pinned around out learning of phase 2 phonics and early reading agendas.
Physical Development
Initially we will be focusing upon the children's independence in dressing/undressing and using the space in the hall effectively to travel in different ways. In addition we will incorporate the use of some apparatus to develop creativity in how the children move on and off different surfaces. As well as PE we will also have the outdoor areas to develop PD skills and larger gross motor skills. PE sessions will be on Wednesday and Friday mornings.
Marvellous Me
Within Literacy we will be focusing upon letter names and letter sounds to support us with our reading and writing. Much of our activities will encompass speaking and listening skills, whether this be through whole class, group, 1-1 activities or accessing provision within the classroom. Another important aspect of our day will be reading and shared story and rhyme opportunities. Reading will be enhanced by additional shared workshops looking at decoding of words using phase 2 phonic approaches and recognition of high frequency words.
In Maths we will be unpicking the children's prior knowledge linked to number and shape, space and measures. Our main objective within maths in F2 is to develop a deeper concept of number and understanding of '10' . We link much of our maths to current topics or again from the children's own fascinations. In addition we will be supporting number formation within class and in parental morning activities and workshops too.
Understanding the World
Here we will be focusing upon the children's families and home routines. We will be looking at similarities and differences as we get to know one another. This will also be further supported by looking at 'People who help us' and we will have different research projects to support this too. Parents and grandparents will also be invited in to class to develop topics as we move through Autumn too!
Expressive Arts and Design
Linked to our topic we will be practising our design, making and evaluating when painting, drawing, constructing and modelling. The children will be supported to create using a range of materials and helped to make enhancements linked to their own evaluations. In addition to adult focused tasks the children also access indoor and outdoor provision where they are always busy and using their creativity and imagination to make and represent things.