In writing we will be working on our independent sentence writing including capital letters, full stops, spelling tricky words correctly and using and! Can you use better words now than big (huge, ginormous) and adjectives to describe?

Foundation Spring 2 Curriculum Topics
We will be working on securing all numbers to 20, adding and subtracting numbers using a number line and also doubling and halving. We will also be working on sharing numbers equally into hoops.

We will also be looking at coins and their values.
In reading we will be continuing with our key word application and also fluency when segmenting and blending. Each child should be reading for 5 minutes every night to ensure that their progress and confidence in reading grows. We will also be working on comprehension skills in reading and sorting fiction and non-fiction texts.
What do you love about animals?
In our topic work about animals we will be looking at where animals come from around the world and looking at their habitats. We will also be looking at animals and what their offspring names are. We will become animal scientists by building up a fact file to describe different animals around the world!
PE will continue to be on Thursdays and Fridays. On Fridays we are very lucky to have a gymnastics coach joining us this year!
ART and DT
We will be creating some symmetrical butterflies in art work and for DT day we will be designing some animal biscuits!