Our focus this half term is understanding the world. We will be visiting Africa, Italy and India on our travels! We will be looking at where these places are and how they are different culturally to England. We will be trying some tasty food from these places and making our own pizza. In particular we will be looking at clothing, climate and animals from these countries and learning a few words in different languages!
Foundation Spring One Curriculum Topics
In PE this half term our focus is dance. We will be learning some Bollywood dance moves and putting together our own dance! We will learn to work as a team to create a dance together and learn to dance to a beat and in time with each other. These dances will look fantastic!
Literacy- reading
Reading - we will be continuing with phonics as a prime approach to reading and moving onto phase 5 sounds. Our main focus in reading is recognising tricky words in the text (have/ like/ said) and correctly segmenting and blending words together. As mentioned in the blog, reading really does need to be done every day at home to ensure children's confidence and fluency can be developed. We look for evidence of the children using their key words.
Around the World
Literacy - Writing
This half term we will continue to confidently write sentences using key words in packs sent home, developing our tricky word knowledge and confidently applying phase 2,3 and 5 sounds to segment and blend to spell. Our next steps are to use correct punctuation (capital letter, comma and a full stop) and also consider the vocabulary that we are using (e.g instead of using big, can we use huge, ginormous?) to make our writing more sparkling.
This half term our focus on shape, space and measure. We will work on naming, describing and differentiating between 2d and 3d shapes. We will also be learning how to measure, weigh and compare items in terms of length and weight. We will also be looking at coin values and beginning to tell the time. One main focus will also be positional language (such as behind, next to, in front of etc) and pattern making.
Art, DT and music
In DT we will be designing our own pizzas linking to Italy considering health, safety and hygiene in cooking. We will also make pancakes on pancake day and try some Chinese and Indian food. In art we will be creating some African animal landscapes. In music we will be learning a song and considering how we can add music instruments to the song.
Mindset and PSHE
Our mindset this half term is 'respect'. We will think about how we can be respectful of ourselves, our community and each other. This is a whole school agenda and will be discussed in assemblies and a winner will be chosen each week who demonstrates respectful behaviour. In PSHE, we will consider how we can take care of ourselves and why we need to eat healthy, exercise and have a good nights sleep.