In English, we will be using Ancient Egyptian myths and legends to engage and excite us in our writing. They will be used as a stimulus to create shocking news reports, delicious menus, instructions, and various creative, descriptive pieces of writing. Throughout our writing, we will be focusing on grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling. In particular, we will be looking at conjunctions, adjectives and dictionaries.
Year_3 Autumn 1 2017 Curriculum Topics
In maths we will be focusing on the following units:
- Number and place value
- Addition and subtraction
- Multiplication and division
- Fractions
In Science this half term we are learning about rocks, soils and fossils. We will be using our investigative skills to group, compare, and experiment to find out:
What are the different rock types? Which rocks are the most durable?
How are fossils made?
What is the purpose of different types of soil?
Who were the Ancient Egyptians?
In our topic lessons we will be combining geography and history to explore the following:
- Geographical features of Egypt
- Significant figures
- Hieroglyphics
Art and DT
We will be using Ancient Egypt as a stimulus to create various pieces of work focusing on brush strokes and patterns. We will be creating paintings of Egypt, including the River Nile and Pyramids, a Tutankhamun mask and using our motor skills to delicately paint hieroglyphics.
Other subjects
RE: Does joining the Khalsa make a person a better Sikh?
ICT: Posters and pages
PSHE: Relationships
Music: Let your spirit fly
PE: Coordination and games
Things to remember...
PE days: Monday and Thursday
Reading mornings: Tuesday and Friday
Homework: Spellings due Wednesday, Maths due Thursday