In English we will be focusing our learning around 'Traditional Tales'. We will look at what features they have, as well as writing descriptions and our very own traditional tale. We will continue to look at how we can form incredible sentences, including amazing vocabulary, full stops and capital letters.
We will also use our letter-writing skills to write a letter to Sheffield City Council.
Year_2 2017 Curriculum Topics
Our maths topics will include:
money (adding money and calculating change)
We will also be learning our facts for our 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables.
In science we will be looking at 'animals including humans'. We will aim to understand animal and human life cycles and understand that we grow. We will also learn what would happen if animals did not reproduce. Finally, we will look at what humans need to be able to survive.
Chapeltown Exploreres!
Our topic lessons will be based around the past, present and future of Chapeltown. The children will discuss their likes and dislikes of our local area and write a letter to the council to suggest improvements for Chapeltown in the future. We will also look at how Chapeltown has changed over the years and how it could change in the future.
Art and DT
Our DT sessions will be based around Road Safety Awareness week. The children will research, design, create and evaluate an informative poster with moving parts to raise awareness of how to cross roads safely.
In art, we will be looking at work from various abstract artists before creating our own abstract painting of our local area.
In computing we will focus our learning around algorithms and understand that they are a set of instructions. We will learn how important it is for instructions to be clear and detailed and use our computing skills to create a virtual algorithm.
PSHE - Feelings and relationships
RE - Christianity - Jesus
PE - gymnastics