In Personal Social and Emotional Development we will focus on recognising and understanding our own and others' feelings, emotions and approaches to dealing with these feelings. We will extend our relationships as we learn more about each other and unpick strategies to support us in resolving our own conflicts and in trying to see things from another view point.
Foundation Autumn 2 Curriculum Topics
We will be extending the children's speaking and listening skills throughout guided groups, provision links and observations. Also as part of our parent workshops and grandparent workshop (16.11.16). In addition we will be continuing our floor book approach where we ask and answer questions too :)
In PE we will be continuing our dance/gym foci and building our core skills, strength and balance and coordination Around the classroom- in and outdoor provision will be tailored to meet the needs of our gross and fine motor skill, along with the use of interventions. Again this will be linked and cross-curricula with our topic foci.
Toys and Celebrations
In Reading and Writing we will be developing our phonic application skills- Can we remember the letter names and sounds from all phase 2? We will then be using this to segment and blend words along with looking at high frequency word reading and spelling. This will be linked to our floor book too. Parent 'I love to write' workshop 21.11.16
In number we will be securing our number recognition and recording 0-20, and continue our exploration or solving/recording addition and subtraction with objects and or a number line. In shape we will be naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes using shape properties. We may also make comparisons of standard and non-standard measures. Our Maths parent workshop is on 01.11.16
Understanding of the World will be our main focus this half term- people and communities will be explored as we learn about other people and traditions and beliefs of our own and others' families. We will also be learning about people from Around the World. Again our ICT skills will be developed through internet research, word processing and accessing familiar websites to revise phonics and math games.
In Expressive Arts and Design we will be designing and making items as part of a guided group linked to the floor book. Also in provision this will be done through construction, role play, within the creative station, in paint and when using malleable materials too. We will be using our creative and imaginative skills heavily- starting with your holiday home learning projects-see home learning given 19.10.16