We have made a really good start in Autumn 1 with phonics and will continue with this next half term. Our next step in reading is to ensure that we are applying our keyword knowledge in the text, using phonics to segment and blend and answering questions to ensure understanding of the text. In writing, we will consolidate using our phonics and key word knowledge to write words and sentences. Our next steps will be adding in punctuation.
Foundation Autumn 2 Curriculum Topics
In maths this half term we will be working on understanding number, especially numbers 10-20. We will work on using a number line to add and subtract amounts and also recognising and naming shapes. We will be having our maths workshop on Friday 10th November which will support your understanding of the expectations of the children in maths.
Throughout our topic work we will be looking at what animals live in the woodland, what we can do in the woodland area (such as camping, telling stories around camp fires) and also different parts of a woodland area. Come and look at our learning journeys and also our woodland floorbook!
What lives in the Woodland?
Art and DT
In provision, we will be making Autumn artwork, collages of woodland animals and also sketches. In painting, we will be painting masks for our roleplay of stories in literacy! We will also be printing t-shirts for Road Safety Week!
In SEAL we will be focusing on relationships: Getting on and Falling out. We will consider the different types of feelings that we have also and how to manage them.
PE will continue to be on Thursdays and Fridays. Please ensure that children have Kits in school on the first day back!