People Who Help Us!
This topic is all about people in our local community who help us. This will include the 999 emergency services, shopkeepers, librarians and teachers. This topic will be supported by both visitors and trips so that the children can gain first hand experience.
Year_1 Year 1 Spring 1 Curriculum Topics
Sessions will include the children writing and planning job descriptions, writing letters, preparing questions, writing job adverts and information texts. There will continue to be a focus on using capital letters and full stops as well as the introduction of ! and ?. The children will build upon their knowledge of writing short narratives and the importance of checking what they have written makes sense.
Solve one step problems involving x and รท, counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10s. Developing our understanding of capacity, mass and weight. Developing our understanding and application of number bonds to 10 and 20.
Adding and subtracting one digit and two digit numbers to 20 making links to measure and money.
Who helps us in our community?
Using est where no change is needed in the spelling of root words.
Alternative spellings of the same sound i.e. ai, a-e, ay
Writing from memory simple sentences dictated by the teacher.
Spelling the days of the week revision.
This unit is titled 'Materials' and will involve a variety of activities to improve the children's understanding of the following......naming materials, sorting materials, describing materials using their senses, reversible and irreversible changes and the purpose and suitability of a material. The children will also design an outfit for a person in our community based on their knowledge of materials.

Health and wellbeing
How to make informed choices, making choices about health and wellbeing and recognising sources to help with this, how to respond in an emergency, being able to identify influences on health and wellbeing and ways of keeping physically and emotionally safe.
Other curriculum areas
Music-In the Groove
RE-In what ways are churches/ mosques/ synagogues important to believers?
PE-Creative skills /Applying physical skills
Art-Painting- pointillism (Paul Signac)
History-The life and work of Mary Seacole