Personal, Social and Emotional Development
We will be looking at our friendships/relationships for the first half term and then move on to looking at Changes and transitions for the second half term. Much of this will be developing the children's speaking and listening skills and looking at sharing, turn-taking, finding alternative ways to express emotions and deal with conflict positively. We will be acting out scenarios and trying to see things from other points of view.
Foundation Summer 1 Curriculum Topics
Communication and Language
This area of the curriculum will be a priority throughout all areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. A target here is for the children to ask and answer their own questions using different questioning words. Also we will continue to learn about the use of past, present and future tense more accurately. Please continue to support this at home.
Physical Development
During PE sessions, we will now be working outdoors wherever possible so please make sure your child has some long trousers, a jumper and suitable shoes within their PE bag. At this time of year we will of course we practising our skills for Sports Day and also looking at difference games and team games. Many of our warm up activities will be linked to balance and coordination.
Get Set Grow!
We will explore Fiction and Non-Fiction texts to support our topic. We will be recording linked to 'Jack and the Beanstalk', planting and recording a range of text types. As part of our reading we will be using a range of media and ICT skills to gain information. Our daily phonics will continue to enhance our reading skills and strategies to enable further progression. Our comprehension tasks will also extend into oral and written activities.
We will continue our independent recording of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be exploring patterns as we group and share objects, securing our number bonds to 10 or 20 and looking at doubling and halving and 1 more/10 more and 1 less/10 less. In terms of shape, the children are much more confident in identifying shape names but please continue to support them with shape descriptions using previously shared vocabulary.
Understanding the World
Our World objectives will be covered as we explore environments, objects, materials and living things. In addition, we will make observations of plants and animals and share any changes they notice. Through ICT we will continue to explore different computer programmes, use of cameras, talking tins and the internet for research purposes and to support activities linked to phonics, reading, maths and topic.
Expressive Arts and Design
Our art, dance and music will be again linked to topic. We will use relevant big books to support our gymnastics and dance within PE sessions and think about how we can move creatively. We will also be making a range of garden decorations and ornaments to support our topic using a range of materials and techniques. Parents/families will be included in this too :)