Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Over the first term we will be supporting children in making new friendships with children in F2 and around school. Adults will be interacting with them in our indoor and outdoor continuous provision to support turn taking, sharing and promoting compromise. Much of this is also focused around establishing new routines and adjusting behaviour to different spaces and activities. It is a pleasure to get to know the children and families alike.
Foundation Autumn 1 Curriculum Topics
Communication and Language
Our speaking and listening focus will begin as we share the children's wonderful 'Memory boxes' made at home. We will be using observation and assessment to lead next steps and make changes to provision accordingly. This underpins our listening and attention, understanding and speaking aspects of communication and language.
Physical Development
F2 will do PE on Monday and Friday each week. Initially we will be focusing upon the children's independence in dressing/undressing and using the space in the hall effectively to travel in different ways. As well as PE we will also have the outdoor areas to develop PD skills and coordination and fine and gross motor movements.
Marvellous Me
During this first half term we will be supporting the children in getting to know each other and in developing their questioning skills. We will be recapping on phase 1 phonics linked to environmental sounds and then moving onto phase 2 where we will be learning letter names and sounds. As part of shared reading we will be using big books to again inspire our own interest in reading and writing.
In Maths we will be unpicking the children's prior knowledge linked to number and shape, space and measures. These first few weeks form an on entry assessment and then our teaching from this point will plug into next steps. We link much of our maths to current topics or again from the children's own fascinations. Maths is also evident within the children’s play based learning and supported by adults observing and engaging in the spaces.
Understanding the World
Initially for Understanding the World we will be focusing upon the children's families and home routines, exploring similarities and differences as we get to know one another. This will be extended as we learn about 'People who help us'. As we grow into the term we will also be using trips, visitors and family workshops to embed this learning further.
Expressive Arts and Design
Throughout our topic we will be being creative through role play, construction, creative and painting spaces, water/sand play and small world. We will be using a range of media and materials to express our ideas and to become creative together. Again the children’s ideas and curiosities will shape future planning and activities. Much of these creations will of course come home to be celebrated there too 