In our English lessons we will be working hard to create our own novels! We will be focusing on our descriptive writing to develop settings, characters and plots. Our class book 'Cliffhanger' will support this writing and will serve as a model for our own fiction book. We will write an information text and a persuasive letter! Our GPVS work on various word types will continue, as will the inclusion of such in our extended piece of writing.
Year_4 2018 - 2019 Curriculum Topics
This term we will be continuing to explore multiplication and division, particularly methods used to solve such calculations. These will include short multiplication and division and applying these when problem solving. We will begin our work on fractions, decimals and percentages and our homework will continue to be sent out each Friday evening.
Our Science lessons will explore Living Things, developing our classification work from last term. We will continue to observe a range of habitats and discover if organisms choose where they live.
How high does the Misty Mountain Grow?
Foundation Subjects
RE - We will explore the Nativity Story and the importance of religious symbolism
Art - Natural environmental art, using Peter Lik as a stimulus. We will even have a go at creating our own piece of art work using the world around us!
Computing - What makes a good multimedia story?
Our exciting new topic will focus on Mountains - how they are formed, the different zones that create a mountain and if mountain exploration is dangerous. We will be using maps to explore mountain ranges across the world and compare various peaks, as well as making our own fact file on Mount Everest!
In French this term we will continue to revise French numbers, this time looking at numbers 11-30, as well as using exciting adjectives to describe our favourite hobbies!
Our Swimming lessons will continue as usual on Wednesday afternoons and we are lucky enough to have another Archers teacher join us on Monday afternoons to explore the exciting team game of Handball!