This term we will be travelling back in time to Ancient Greece. We will be looking at the role of the Parthenon in Ancient Greece, how gods and goddesses impacted every day life and the differences between Athens and Sparta. We will be making lots of cross curricular links with other subjects and will be writing our very own Ancient Greek myths.
Year_3 Spring 1 Curriculum Topics
This term we will be reading a text called 'Krindlekrax' and using this book we will be writing newspaper reports, wanted posters, descriptions and applying our knowledge of writing dialogue to describe events and characters. This is a fantastic book which will be used to develop our reading skills. We will be predicting, inferring the feelings of characters and sharing our understanding of the text.
Practising our 3, 4, 8 x tables and recalling number facts to 10, 20 and 100 will continue to be focus for this term.
In Spring 1, we will be covering the following units: telling the time, measures involving ml and L, multiplication and division, finding the changes and investigating shapes. Please refer to the vocabulary sent home for further details.
What Do We Know About Ancient Greece?
The children will be answering the following questions through discussion, role play and reflection time

Could Jesus really heal people? Were these miracles or is there some other explanation?
Science-Animals and Humans
We will be learning about:
Food groups and balanced diets
Animal and human skeletons
The jobs of the main organs
PSHE-Health and Wellbeing
This unit will include Y3 reflecting and discussing different influences on their wellbeing, how to respond in an emergency, ways of keeping emotionally and physically safe and how to mange change including puberty and loss.
Our learning mindset is 'Be Resilient'.
Computing-Controlling on Screen
French-Ask for and give name, revision of numbers, ask for and give age.
Art-Ancient Greek art-pottery and sketching