In English this term we will be reading a variety of non-fiction texts about Earthquakes. We will also be producing our own versions using the knowledge we gain. In addition, we will be putting ourselves in the shoes of someone who has experienced an earthquakes in order to complete some writing in role.
Year_5 Y5 Spring One 2019 Curriculum Topics
This term we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. We will also be looking at area and perimeter, angles and time.
During this term we will be learning about forces such as gravity and friction. We will be conducting some investigations into how these forces work.
What makes the Earth angry?
Our new topic is 'earthquakes' and during this term we will be learning about the Earth's structure, how earthquakes have transformed our landscapes, how earthquakes affect humans, how humans in certain countries are having to adapt in order to survive earthquakes.
Our Wednesday lessons will focus on hockey and include learning the basic skills but also the tactics for competitive games.
Our Tuesday lessons ill focus on creativity when using equipment.
We are very fortunate to have a trained music teacher coming to work with us this half term. She will be conducting singing lessons while also developing our musical vocabulary.
Our art lessons will continue to be taught by Mrs Brailsford. We will be looking at landscapes and how to draw from different perspectives.