Our topic this half term is all about the rainforest and a lot of what we learn will be based on our class text, 'The Great Kapok Tree'. We will be looking at deforestation, the layers of a rainforest, habitats, rainforest animals, where rainforests are in the world and what makes a rainforest. We will also be completing lots of writing, art work and applying our computing skills in this topic.
Year_3 Summer 1 Curriculum Topics
Our writing this term will be focused around our topic. We will be writing and looking at the features of descriptive texts, persuasive writing, letter writing and poetry. As well as that, Y3 will be applying their GPVS skills to their writing and in particular they will be looking at different word types such as verbs, nouns, adjectives and conjunctions and how they can punctuate their work accurately using ' " " ! . , ?

The following units will be covered this term:
Adding 10 and 100 to a two and three digit number. Roman Numerals
Recalling 4x and 8x tables. Measure-mm, cm and m
Statistics-creating and interpreting tables and graphs Angles-turning through right angles and 1/4 turns
Into the Rainforest
Teeth will be our topic during Summer 1.
We will be thinking about the different types of teeth, the purpose of each tooth type, animals' teeth and diets how to keep teeth clean and healthy.
RE will be taught by Mrs Wright and the question that the children will be discussing and reflecting upon is....

Do Sikhs think it is important to share?
PSHE-Living in the Wider World
PE-Applying physical skills (PE will be on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons)
FRENCH-Asking for and giving name and age. Revision of previous topics
Can you locate the world's rain forests?
What is climate control?
What is deforestation and how will it affect our future?
What do we know about the weather in different parts of the world?
What features does each locality have?
Can children explain how people’s lives vary due to the weather?