Through circle time and planned activities we will be looking at friendships and relationships then moving on to look at 'changes'. Much of this will be developing the children's speaking and listening skills, looking at sharing, turn-taking, finding alternative ways to express emotions and deal with conflict positively. We will be acting out scenarios and linking to a shared story to make things meaningful.
Foundation Summer term Curriculum Topics
In CL we will be observing the children within their play and listening for the children engaging with peers in provision. Our speaking and listening focus will be linked to the growth of plants and experiments carried out linked to our science focus. We will also be using this within all other aspects of learning too.
In PE sessions we will be learning a range of team games ready for Sports Day and for playing on a larger outdoor scale on the playground and school fields. In addition further into the term we will be playing sports with another school too :) In addition we will be continuing our skills based learning and use of different PE equipment both indoors and outdoors.
Get, Set, Grow!
Within Literacy we will be focusing upon Fiction and Non-Fiction texts to support our topic. We will be writing our own stories based on the big book 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and also growing our own Bean plants. Afterwards, we will create instructional texts to support our planting experiences and to inspire our role play.
We will be working on the children's independence and competence in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be exploring number bonds to 10 and recapping doubling / halving, 1 more/10 more and 1 less/10 less. We will be measuring and comparing our bean plants linked to length, capacity and weight. Please continue to revise 2D and 3D shape recognition and description at home.
The children will be talking about their own personal experiences and family events. They will be making comparisons between themselves and others while developing an understanding about mutual respect. We will also be making comparisons between local and wider environments. In addition, they will make observations of plants and animals and share any changes they notice.
Our art, dance and music will be again linked to topic. We will use relevant big books to support our gymnastics and dance within PE sessions and think about how we can move creatively. We will also be making a range of garden decorations and ornaments to support our topic using a range of materials and techniques. Our gardening workshop will be on 23.04.19