This half term, we will be delving into the brilliant book, ‘The Water Horse’. This captivating novel will inspire us to create our own narratives, diaries and information texts. We will aim to perfect our writing skills as we organise our texts into paragraph, use ‘fronted adverbials’ and incorporate expanded noun phrases. Be prepared to be amazed...
Year_4 Autumn 2 Curriculum Topics
We will be covering the following:
-Fractions (comparing, ordering and adding fractions; understanding the relationship between fractions and decimals)
-Measures (converting measurements; telling the time on a 24 hour clock; calculating area)
-Shape (comparing angles; identifying lines of symmetry)
We will be putting our scientific skills to the test as we answer the following questions:
What is meant by ‘states of matter’?
How are solids, liquids and gases different to each other?
How can we change the states of solids, liquids and gases?
What is meant by the water cycle?
The Blue Abyss
-What is the water cycle?
-Why do we have reservoirs?
-Can you use a globe to identify the world’s oceans and seas?
-What is the Coral Reef?
-Can you draw and sketch maps and plans using standardised symbols and a key?
Art and DT
Within art, we will be exploring the work of J. Vincent Scarpace and will create our own fabulous fish pictures and paintings.

In DT, we will be looking at what makes a good submarine and will even try to make our own models!
We will be answering the following question...

What is the most significant part of the Nativity story for Christians today?
PSHE - Relationships (feelings and emotions)
Music - Christmas singing and exploring instruments
PE - Swimming and 'REAL PE'