In English we will be developing our understanding of poetry and will even perfect our performance skills. We will also begin to look at a range of traditional tales and will be expects at recalling events in chronological order. Spelling and punctuation will remain a focus for us this half term and we will be super at using capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks, question marks and even commas in lists!
Year_2 Autumn 2 Curriculum Topics
The children will become expect mathematicians as they examine the following areas of maths:
• Measuring length
• Money
• Properties of shape
• Direction
Science - Animals and Growth
Within science, the children will explore the following:
• What is meant by offspring?
• Why do animals reproduce?
• How do animals change as they grow up?
• What do animals need to survive?
Who? What? Where? When? Let's explore the local community!
The children will develop their field work skills this half term as they explore the local area. When they do this, they will consider the follow:
• What is it like in the local area?
• How has it changed?
• How might it change in the future and how could we improve it?
We will be examining the work of famous landscape artists and will then develop our own painting skills to create our own landscape paintings based on the local area. We then aim to donate these paintings to the local library or elderly care home.
• Our PSHE topic is focusing on personal health and wellbeing
• Our mindset is ‘Be Respectful'
• As a class, we will examine how people in our local area help us
Computing and PE
• Our current computing topic is ‘Algorithms’. This will include looking at the importance of clear, step-by-step instruction

• In PE, we will be developing our movement skills in dance and will be perfecting our balls skills in games