In English, we will ignite our love of literature by reading the sensational story of ‘Katie in London’. We will retell the story in chronological order, ensuring that we write in the past tense. We will continue to perfect our punctuation as we check for capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks and even commas in lists. As part of our topic, we will also be looking at ‘The Great Fire of London’ and will begin to write letters and diaries from different points of view.
Year_2 Spring 1 Curriculum Topics
In maths, we will perfect our addition and subtraction skills. We will develop our understanding of written and mental methods, and will become super at choosing the most efficient method. As well as this, we will become experts at measuring weight and capacity, and will be simply brilliant at creating tally charts, graphs and pictograms.
What food is healthy/unhealthy? What is a balanced diet? What do we mean by a healthy lifestyle? Why is exercise important? These are all important questions that we will be able to answer as we delve into our science topic, ‘Humans, Health and Hygiene’.
Why is Britain Great?
What happened during ‘The Great Fire of London’? What caused this devastating event to happen? Why are artefacts so important in supporting our understanding of historical events? Why was Samuel Pepys so significant? These are all intriguing questions that we will be able to answer as part of our tremendous and thought-provoking topic.
As part of our exciting topic, we will be exploring the UK! We will develop our understanding of countries, cities and towns, and will perfect our use of directional language.
Antony Gormley’s ‘Angel of the North’ will take centre stage as we look at famous landmarks around the UK. We will explore his iconic work using a variety of media, including printmaking.
Computing: Can you create routes using a floor turtle?
PSHE: Health and well-being
PE: Real PE – Cognitive Skills
Real Gym – Park Life
RE: How special is the relationship Jews have with God?