In our English lessons we will be collating all of our writing skills to produces fabulous stories, non-fiction reports and letters. Our writing stimulus will be focused around animal books, such as 'The owl who is afraid of the dark', and also different non-fiction texts about animals and the habitats they live in.
Year_2 Spring 2 17/18 Curriculum Topics
We will begin to apply our fantastic arithmetic knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions by answering questions based on problem-solving and reasoning. As well as this we will be looking at whether we need to work out answers using a written method or whether we can work it out mentally.
In science, we will be continuing out topic on 'living things and their habitats'. We will be creating our own micro habitat in school so that we can identify and count the number of different species that will hopefully set up home in our habitats.
Around the world in 35 days
In geography, our focus will be on extending our knowledge of the world and, in particular, how and why the climate differs. We will create maps which identifies the weather patterns in the UK. In history, we will be researching the evolution of the aeroplane and why it has made such a significant impact on our present day.
We will be continuing our learning of algorithms using programmes, such as scratch and purple mash.