We will be examining the book, 'The Owl who was afraid of the dark'. We will retell the story in chronological order and will focus on our super punctuation, including apostrophes and commas in lists!

We will also focus on creating our own information texts about animals and their habitats. We will ensure that we organise and present these well.
Year_2 Spring 2, 2017 Curriculum Topics
We will be covering the following topics in maths:
-Weight, capacity, time
-Multiplication and division
As well as this, we will aim to be super at our mental maths, including our times tables!
Science - animals and their habitats
Let's explore...
-What things are alive?
-What is a habitat?
-How are animals well adapted to living in their habitat?
-How do animals obtain their food?
What goes bump in the night?
We will be making connections with our brilliant science topic as we examine where animals come from. Watch out as we swoop into action and discover what the climate is like in these different places, and how certain animals are well adapted to living in these conditions. We will also begin to compare these environments and may even create some art work to show what they are like.
In this unit we will understand that data can exist in a variety of forms, including in databases. We will explore a branching database and answer simple questions. Also, we will focus on sorting and grouping data using yes/no questions. We will create a simple branching database, test, review and debug content.
We will become creative artists as we explore Van Gogh's 'Starry night' picture. We will use a range or artistic materials to react creatively to this famous work of art.
Other super subjects
RE - Christianity - 'The Resurrection'
PE - Gymnastics and 'Real PE' skills
Music - nighttime sounds