In English, we will be exploring our class text, 'The Pirate Cruncher' and using it as a stimulus for some creative writing and poetry as well as producing non fiction texts linked to significant figures in piracy and newspaper reports. The children will be expected to continue progressing their joined handwriting and we will be focusing on applying spellings to our writing and editing and improving our work.
Year_3 Spring 2 Curriculum Topics
In maths, the following topics will be revised and covered:

- Money
- Statistics
- Addition and Subtraction
-Multiplication and Division
Our science topic is 'Light' which will be taught across 2 half-terms. This half term we will be looking at the following objectives:

Understanding light sources and dark
Testing reflective materials
Marvelous mirrors
What type of pirate are you?
History and Geography
We will be covering the following:
- Locating pirate hot spots in the past and present
- Sequence and chronology of piracy
- Pirate life on board a ship
- Myths and truths about piracy
- Significant figures
Art and DT
In art we will be creating portraits of famous pirates using various media, focusing on sketching and shading. In DT we will be designing our own pirate flag using our knowledge from the topic.
PSHE, Music, Computing, RE, PE.
PSHE: relationships
Music: Singing teacher
Computing: How to use a computer as a musician
RE: What is 'good' about Good Friday?
PE: creative skills: coordination with equipment
Things to remember...
PE days - Tuesday and Friday
Reading mornings - Tuesday and Friday
Homework - given out Wednesday, due in Monday
Spellings - tested each Wednesday