Within English, we will be reading the brilliant book 'Cliffhanger' by Jacqueline Wilson. This will inspire us as we write across a range of genres and focus on the following:
-Using pronouns to create cohesion (make our writing flow)
-Punctuating direct speech
Year_4 Spring 1 2018 Curriculum Topics
This half term, we will focus on the following areas in maths:
-Properties of shapes
-Position and direction
Science - Living things and their habitats
As scientists, we well discover the answers to the following questions:
-Can you recognise and classify a range of animals in the local and wider environment?
-How and why do environments change?
-How can these changes pose problems to animals?
-Why do animals become endangered?
Misty Mountain Sierra
Our topic will lead us round the world exploring famous mountain ranges. It will also allow us to explore the following:
-How are mountains formed?
-How have physical and human processes changed the landscape?
-What impact does this have on our environment?
We will explore the work of landscape photographer 'Peter Lik'. We will capture our own images to create fabulous photo montages.

The work of 'Clarice Cliff' will also inspire us to get creative as we participate in a 'Paint a Pot' workshop.
We will explore the following in RE:
How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them to do?
Do religious people lead better lives?
Is religion the most important influence and inspiration in everyone’s life?
Music: 'Stop!'
Computing: How is data shared online?
PE: Swimming, basketball with Catch Coaching