In English this half term, we will be using our class book 'George's Marvellous Medicine' to answer a range of retrieval, inference and deduction questions. The book will be explored through a variety of genres, such as diary entries, instructions and poetry. Children will focus on using basic punctuation, such as apostrophes and inverted commas.
Year_4 Autumn 1 Curriculum Topics
In Mathematics we will be exploring place value in great detail, focusing on ordering, comparing, rounding and understanding the value of 4-digit numbers. We will be using written formal methods to solve addition and subtraction questions, including problem solving opportunities. Children will continue to develop their knowledge of the times tables, up to 12x.
In our Science lessons, we will be the describing simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system, identifying the different types of human teeth and their simple functions and constructing and interpreting a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey.
What is meant by 'The Digestive System?'
Within our 'Mixture Making Machine' topic we will be exploring human teeth and how diets and lifestyles have changed over time, famine around the world and the effect of fast food. In October, we will be visiting Eureka! to develop our understanding of the digestive system and take part in a 'Chew to Poo' workshop!
This term, Y4 are lucky enough to go swimming every Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Wright! Our Real PE lessons will be a unit called 'Personal Skills'.
RE & Computing
In both RE and Computing we will be using questions as a basis for our learning:

RE: 'Is forgiveness always possible?'
Computing: 'How can I use a computer as an artist?'
Art - In Art, we will be using the work of Giuseppe Archimboldo to create fruit & vegetable inspired portraits
PSHE - We will be exploring healthy lifestyles and how to maintain our well-being.
MFL - In French, children will be revising numbers and colours, and learning the parts of the body.