The majority of our writing will be linked to our class text: Cliffhanger by Jacqueline Wilson. We will be focusing on using all of the Key Stage 2 grammar we have learnt so far to write with greater control and variety. We will continue to work on proofreading both during and after a writing session in order to make sure our work is accurate and of a high standard.
Year_4 Spring 1 - 2019/2020 Curriculum Topics
We will follow on from our introduction to fractions by looking at fractions greater than 1, addition and subtraction and finding fractions of amounts. We will then transfer our understanding into our next topic which will focus on decimals.
Our science topic this term is all about living things and their habitats. We will be exploring the concept of classification, learning how to group living things together. We will also consider how environments could change and how this might affect the living things within them.
Another mountainous term on the horizon
Our geographical focus this term will be on mountains. Firstly, we will concentrate on our map skills by locating major mountain ranges around the world. We will then learn about the structure of the earth and how mountains are formed. Finally, we will develop our understanding of climates and scale by looking at the different zones that can be found on a mountain.
PSHE – Health and well-being, keeping safe.
RE – How do Christians celebrate Easter?
Computing – Coding and decomposition.
PE – Hockey and creative skills.
French – Family and pets.
As artists, we will be using our own landscape as inspiration for photography and model making, before comparing this with other landscapes that we have been learning about in geography.