To kick start our new topic, we will be reading 'Romans on the Rampage' and focusing our comprehension on this text. This half term we will be writing a setting description, a diary entry, an information text and a narrative with lots of tension! We are continuing to build our stamina for writing and inclusion of grammatical features, such as fronted adverbials.
Year_4 Summer 1 Curriculum Topics
In Maths we will be exploring shape in further detail, including 3D shapes, angles and symmetry. We will also be using quadrants to describe position and direction and plotting specific points. Our Times Tables will continue and opportunities for problem solving will be regularly embedded.
This term our focus will be on Electricity! We will be exploring appliances that use electricity, how it travels and constructing our own electrical circuits! Children will be able to identify conductors, name basic parts of a circuit and understand electrical keys and terminology.
Would you Survive as a Roman Warrior?
Y4 will be travelling back through time yet again, back to Ancient Rome to discover how people lived! We will understand how Roman society differed to the British, exploring the Colosseum and it's geographical and historical significance, and creating our own Roman mosaics and gladiator attire! We can't wait to invite you in for our Roman workshop to make our gladiator attire!
In French, we will be revising the language we have learnt so far and learning about the weather and pets in French! Our focus will be on question, response and pronunciation.
Our new class song will be the song 'Warriors' and we will work on our performance skills.
Y4 will be understanding the game of Hockey in PE, focusing on specfic skills such as ball control, passes and travelling.
In RE, we will be finishing off our learning on Judaism answering questions such as, 'do religious people lead better lives? and 'what is the best way for a Jew to show their commitment to God?'