In this subject, we will be reading a range of non-fiction texts about earthquakes and using the knowledge we get from these to write our own. We will be learning lots of new vocabulary such as 'seismic waves' and 'tectonic plates'.
Year_5 Autumn Two 2016 Curriculum Topics
In maths, we will be learning about fractions and beginning to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages. We will also be covering coordinates and angles.
This half term we will be studying materials and states of matter (solids, liquids, gases). We will be investigating how materials change from one state to another e.g. ice melts into a liquid. We will also be looking at mixtures and how we can separate materials e.g. getting sand or sugar back out of a solution.
What makes the Earth angry? (Earthquakes)
Our PE days this half term will be Thursday mornings with Catch Coaching and either Tuesday morning with 'Why Weight' or Wednesday afternoons with Miss Zadrozny.
Our geography topic this half term is 'Earthquakes'. We will be learning about the continents of the world and where the most affected areas are. We will be learning about how our planet is formed and linking this back to our previous topic of 'Space'.
In art we will be practising our shading and colouring techniques using a range of materials e.g. pencils and paint.
During our PSHE lessons we will be discussing our feelings and how we can adapt them to different situations.