This half term we will be reading 'The Legend of Beowulf' and basing some of our reading and writing lessons around this Viking legend. We will also be researching famous Viking leaders such as Alfred the Great and creating biographies about them. Our topic knowledge will then be applied within an information text about the Vikings.
Year_5 Autumn Two 2017 Curriculum Topics
This half term we will be focusing on fractions, decimals, percentages and the relationship between them. Following this, we will be looking at area/perimeter and angles. Our arithmetic skills will also be sharpened with our weekly practice.
Our science topic this half term is materials. We will be looking at the properties of various materials and how they are used. We will also be investigating which materials can dissolve/evaporate etc.
Where did the Vikings come from?
Our topic this half term is 'The Vikings' and over the seven weeks, we will be learning where the Vikings came from and when, how they travelled, what life was like during the Viking era and looking into some of the more famous battles.
During our Wednesday PE sessions with Mrs Wright, we will be covering the REAL PE scheme and focusing on our personal and social skills through sports.
We will also be lucky to have some special visitors with us on Tuesdays who are going to teach us about different forms of exercise and also how to keep our bodies healthy in terms of our diet and nutrition.
During our PSHE lessons this term we will be focusing on relationships and how our feelings and emotions can affect our relationships with others. We will also be considering how we can recognise different feelings in others and how to respond to them appropriately.
Our RE lessons this half term will be based around the Sikh religion and how Sikh people worship. We will be looking ta the similarities and differences between the way Sikh people live in Britain and in other countries. During this topic, we will also be learning about the beliefs and ways of life of Sikh people.