During this topic we will be reading several information texts about earthquakes and how they are caused. We will be basing much of our writing about this topic too and creating guides to help people stay safe during an earthquake. We will also be writing our own information texts about them using our scientific and geographical knowledge.
Year_5 Spring One 2018 Curriculum Topics
This half term we will be revising the four operations and their written methods. We will be applying these skills when solving a variety of reasoning problems. We will also be calculating the area and perimeter of a range of shapes.
Our science topic this half term is 'forces' and through this, we will be studying friction, air resistance and gravity. We will be conducting experiments into these forces for example 'Which material makes the best parachute?'.
What would an earthquake feel like?
Through our 'earthquakes' topic, we will be learning about how the Earth is formed. We will be studying countries where earthquakes are more common and learning about how the countries have adapted to deal with these situations.
This half term we will continue to follow the Real PE objectives with Mrs Wright on a Wednesday.
On Tuesdays, we will be playing basketball and learning the rules and skills of the game.
During our RE lessons with Mrs Wright, we will be looking at sacred texts and the meaning of these to the different religions.
In art we will be experimenting with colours and the different mediums we can use to create colour e.g. paint, pastel, chalk.