This half term we will be reading a range of non-fiction texts about the Anglo-Saxons and then using this information to write our own information texts about the Anglo-Saxons. We will also be researching into different key figures of the Anglo-Saxon era and practicing our biographical writing.
Year_5 Spring Two 2017 Curriculum Topics
Over the next few weeks we will be learning about the different ways information is presented, e.g. through tables/graphs/charts. We will then be using this knowledge to present some of our own information. We will also be revising fractions, decimals and percentages and looking at the link between them.
This half term's topic is 'Forces' and we will be learning about gravity, friction and air-resistance. During this topic we will have lots of opportunities to put our investigative skills to the test!
Why did the Anglo-Saxons come to Britain?
Through our Anglo-Saxon topic we will be learning about what life was like in Britain during their era and why they came to Britain in the first place. We will be creating our own Anglo-Saxon model villages during DT day on the 6th March. We look forward to sharing our models in the assembly!
Our PE days this half term will be Wednesdays and Thursdays. Our Wednesday lessons will be 'tag rugby' and will be taught by Mr Nettleship. Our Thursday lessons will be taught by Catch Coaching and will follow the 'Real PE' scheme.
During our art lessons with Mrs Perera we will be working on our sketching skills and drawing a range of Anglo-Saxon artefacts.
This half term we will be studying Christianity in more depth and will be learning about the Easter story and how Easter is celebrated by Christians around the world.