Our English lessons this half term will focus on the book 'The Firework-Maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman. We will be following the adventures of Lila as she makes her way towards the dangerous volcano - Mount Merapi - in Indonesia. Much of our writing will be centred around the text and we will also be conducting research into Mount Merapi and what life is like in the area surrounding the volcano.
Year_5 Y5 Spring Two 2019 Curriculum Topics
This half term we will be recapping our learning on negative numbers, fractions and decimals while also moving on to learning about time and statistics.
Through our work on volcanoes, we will be learning about the effect they have on both the human and physical geography of an area. We will be investigating why people choose to live on and around a volcano and how their lives can be affected by the volcanic activity.
What makes the Earth angry?
Although our topic is mainly Geography-based, we will be looking back in history at some of the major volcanic eruptions that have happened over the years. We will be learning about the eruption at Pompeii and how the evidence left there has allowed historians to learn so much about what life was like during that era.
Our PE days have changed this half term to Mondays and Wednesdays.
On Mondays we will be very fortunate to have Tom from Arches here to coach us in cricket ahead of a tournament in June. Our Wednesday PE lessons will continue to work on the FUNS objectives (fundamentals in sport).
Our RE lessons this half term will continue to look into Hinduism and understand what life is like for a Hindu person living in Britain and how their life might be similar/different to a Hindu living in India.
We are very fortunate to have Laura from the Sheffield Music Hub working with us on Wednesdays afternoons. She will be teaching us about rhythm, pitch, volume and the importance of keeping to a beat.