We will be using 'War Horse' as a class text and looking at the following aspects of English Language:
*Fictional writing
*Persuasive texts
*Word classification
Year_6 autumn 1 Curriculum Topics
Y6 will develop their skills from Y5 and study the following topic areas:
*Place value
* Fractions & Percentages
*Angles & 2D Shape
We will be answering the following question: What would a journey through the human body be like?
*Human body parts and organs
*Functions of human organs
*Human internal organs compared to other animals
Why was WWI the 'Great War'?
Taking our topic as a starting point, we will examine some of the causes of the First World War, the political leaders of the time and the effects that the war had on different countries
*Select, use and combine a variety of software (including internet services)
*Accomplish given goals, including collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information
P.S.H.E. & P.E.
PSHE Relationships: We will explore how to maintain healthy relationships online and offline
E-safety: We will try to ensure that pupils are more aware of the safety issues when giving away personal information.
P.E. (Tennis) We aim to play competitive games, use tactics and understanding rules and implement previously taught skills.
We will be examining the following question: What is the best way for a Muslim to show commitment to God?

In this topic we will examine different ways in which Muslims can show commitment in their day to day lives as well as through religious practices. This topic will build on work previously undertaken in Y5.