In reading, we will be developing ways to explain our understanding of a text in a written form. This half term, non-fiction is our focus in writing. We will use our topic to produce a range of texts such as:
*Non-chronological reports
*Journalistic texts
Year_6 Summer 1 Curriculum Topics
This half term is devoted mainly to revision. We will consolidate our knowledge and understanding of the Y6 curriculum and look at different ways to apply our skills for problem solving.
Science: Light
Our Physics topic this half term is Light. We will explore how light travels, how the eye functions and how shadows are formed. We will also look at the pioneering work of the great scientist and inventor, Thomas Edison.
How Does The Water Cycle Affect Us?
Geography: The Water Cycle
Our topic encourages us to examine the necessity of water to our lives and to the environment. We will study the following elements:
*How the water cycle functions
*How rain drops are formed
Computing: Variables and Decisions
In this unit children will begin to recognise the significance of control in the real world. There are several aspects of control but all of them involve programming computers and creating sequences of instructions for the computer to follow. Control technology is used to operate systems, e.g. traffic lights. Control actions, e.g. a robot’s movement, create video games, control manufacturing systems.
In PSHE, we are looking at the theme of growing and changing. We will explore changes in feelings and our relationships with others as well as changes related to puberty.

In P.E. we will be studying athletics. PE will take place on Friday afternoons.
R.E. - Religion, Family and Community
Over the whole Summer term, we hope to undertake a multi-faith study. We will try to find answers to the following questions:
*What contributions do religions make to local life in Sheffield?
*How can we make Sheffield a city of tolerance and respect?