Using the text, 'Kensuke's Kingdom' we will exploring what it means to be marooned on a sub-tropical island. We will explore a number of text types:
*narrative and poetry
Year_6 Summer 2 Curriculum Topics
As we complete our Y6 curriculum we will be covering:
*ratio & proportion
*number puzzles
*preparation for Y7
Science: Forces
We will be summarising our learning in Y6 by exploring and explaining a number of different forces that affect our everyday lives:
*Water resistance
*Balanced and unbalanced forces in action
Where In The World?
To explore our question, "Where in the world?" We intend to learn about the Earth's different biomes and vegetation belts. This learning should help us to understand how people survive and thrive in different environments.
Computing: Variables
We will continue to be using different software to write and debug different programs for specific purposes
P.S.H.E.- We hope to discuss puberty and why it is an important part of the human life cycle.

P.E.- Our focus will be fielding games. PE days remain Thursday and we will have a specialist coach working with us on Monday afternoons. Remember your PE kit.
RE: multi-faith study
We continue our study on religion, family and community. Our aim is to find out what contributions religions make to Sheffield's local community and how Sheffield could become a city of tolerance and respect.