We will be learning about healthy eating, different parts of a supermarket, where our food comes from, buying and selling produce, advertising and persuasion. Links will be made with other subjects such as maths, English and art.
Year_1 Autumn 2 Curriculum Topics
We will continue with a seasonal theme learning about winter. We will be observing changes in the weather, thinking about what we wear in winter, comparing winter to other seasons, collecting and presenting data in graphs and discussing what objects and themes we associate with winter.
Writing simple sentences which make sense and which are correctly punctuated will continue to be a focus in our lessons. We are beginning to think about how our sentences can be more detailed by adding adjectives and conjunctions such as 'and'. Handwriting is an integral part of our writing sessions with children being expected to think about the orientation of their letters, finger spaces and their use of ascenders and descenders.
What do you buy in the supermarket?
Number recognition to 100 and being able to count to and from 100 will be practised daily in math sessions. Our knowledge of addition and subtraction will be extended with the introduction of money. Children recognising coins, being able to make amounts and solve money problems will be introduced during this half term. .
PSHE-Relationships/Online Safety/Anti-bullying Week.
PE-social skills, cognitive skills, gym
Computing- Working with texts
RE-Celebrations and Festivals
Naming, locating and identifying characteristics of the 4 countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom and its surrounding seas. Links will be made to our supermarket topic, looking at where different foods come from and thinking about traditional food from other countries.

Spelling the days of the week
Naming the letters of the alphabet in order
Looking at the prefix 'un' and how it changes the meaning of words
Spelling HFW and common exception words