In maths we will be focusing on measuring, weighing and capacity. We will be using rulers to measure in mm and CM and balancing scales to see which items are heavier and lighter. We will also be looking at coins and their values.
Year_1 Spring 1 Curriculum Topics
In English our focus will be poetry and we will be writing some blast off poems all about rockets and space! We will then be continuing our non-fiction unit of work by writing some non-fiction articles about famous astronauts and moon visits. We will then look at some narrative texts all about space such as ‘Man on the Moon’ and ‘Q Pootle 5’.
In Science our unit of work is all about materials. We will name and describe some everyday materials and begin to compare materials based on their properties.
In a Galaxy Far Far Away
Our focus in geography is “Earth” and naming different countries, continents, cities and seas/oceans on planet Earth. We will look at other planets in our galaxy and begin to name, order and describe them. We will name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans and begin to identify the physical and human features of a coastal area on planet Earth.
In PE we are really lucky this half term as we have a coach to teach us team games. PE will be on a Monday next half term but will also continue to be on Thursdays with Mrs Wright.
In ICT we will be learning how to stay safe online and practising loading up the internet to use as a search engine. Using google we will be practising typing in key words to search for the information that we need. We will be recording information and facts about planets, astronauts and space and recording this information in our log books.
In Art we will be sketching astronauts and making 3d space chalk pictures. In design and technology we will be designing and making a class robot which will help us around the classroom. The robot could hold pencils or scissors which would create more storage space!