In English we will continue to focus on the orientation and presentation of our letters in writing sessions. We will be making lots of cross-curricular links with our topic and writing in a variety of genres such as description writing, poetry, letter writing and story writing. We will continue to think about how a simple sentence is constructed and how the conjunction 'and' can extend our sentences. As always, we will be using .?! to punctuate our sentences.
Year_1 Summer 1 2018 Curriculum Topics
As always, counting on and back to 100 and counting on and back in 2, 5 and 10s will be an on-going thread in lessons. We will be thinking about capacity, telling the time and position and direction(1/2, whole and 1/4 turns).
As with all of our maths topics, problem solving will be a consistent theme throughout sessions so the children can apply their key skills and knowledge.
We will be studying the effects of global warming and thinking about how we can make our future more sustainable by reducing, reusing and recycling our waste. Lots of cross curricular links will be made with English, maths, geography and computing so the children's knowledge is well embedded. Class texts to support this topic will include-'Why Are the Ice Caps Melting?' 'Michael Recycle' and 'I Can Save the Earth'.
How Can We Reduce, Reuse and Recycle?
This will include us discussing and learning about...
What does summer look like? How do we know it is summer? How does the temperature change in summer? What clothes do we wear in summer and why?
Real PE-Gym-block four
Real PE dance
PSHE Living in the Wider World
Respect for self and others. The importance of responsible behaviours and actions.
Rights and responsibilities as members of families, other groups and ultimately as citizens. Different groups and communities.Respecting equality and how to be a productive member of a diverse community.
Music, RE, Computing
Music-Round and Round

RE-Is Shabbat important to Jewish children?

Computing-Unit 1.3 Pictograms and internet research, Unit 1.4 Algorithms