This topic will involve us studying various aspects of Ancient Egyptian life such as, farming, architecture and religion.

We will be visiting Weston Park Museum to support our learning.
Year_3 Autumn Curriculum Topics
An ongoing thread throughout our writing will be encouraging the children to check their writing for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, making the necessary changes and improvements. The majority of our writing will be linked to our class texts 'Miranda the Explorer and The Egyptian Cinderella'. We will be writing in a variety of genres including-non-chronological reports, description, poetry, narrative, recounts and newspaper articles.
The new term will start with Year 3 working with numbers up to 1000. Skills taught will involve the children comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000 and understanding their value. We will be learning new addition and subtraction methods and then applying these methods to problem solving tasks. We will also be looking at 'length' as part of our measurement unit of work.
Who were the Ancient Egyptians?
Our 'Rocks and Soils' topic will involve the children looking at the permeability, durability and purpose of rocks. Children will explore and sort the rocks based on their properties. Towards the end of the unit, Year 3 will be working with different types of soil in order to discuss how it is used based on the properties of it.
Geography will be based on our Ancient Egypt topic and we will be focusing on the following..
Locating Egypt (maps; atlases; grid reference; comparing location with known places)
Physical features (Nile; terrain; environment)
Human features (comparing and contrasting Ancient Egypt with modern day Egypt; impact of tourism)

Computing-Posters and Pages
PE-Personal Skills
French-Ask for and give name, numbers 0-12, classroom instructions, greetings
RE-Hinduism (Diwali)
Music/ PSHE/Art/DT
Music-Let Your Spirit Fly
PSHE-Growing and Changing
Art-Egyptian art-painting and hieroglyphics
DT-Bridge making