Throughout this term, we will be looking at where in the world rainforests are and what type of animals are found within them. We will think about the different layers of a rainforest and how they compare to each other. Contrasting life in England to life in the Amazon Rainforest will also feature during this topic. '
Year_3 Spring 1 2020 Curriculum Topics
Rainforest continued...
In order to understand more about the climate and location of rainforests, we will be defining and using vocabulary such as longitude, latitude and the Equator. We will be using atlases and grid references in order to compare the locations of rainforests and we will be using keys and symbols to learn more about their features.
Our class text 'The Great Kapok Tree' will be used to enable the children to learn more about the impact of deforestation and about the different types of animals within a rainforest. We will write in a variety of genres such as: poetry; persuasive writing; descriptive writing; dialogue; non fiction texts and dialogue. As always, we encourage the children to use a rich vocabulary and to become more independent self checking their work for errors.
What do you know about the Rainforest?
Maths will see us learning about different denominations of money and applying our knowledge to help us solve a variety of mathematical problems, including finding the change. We will also begin our 'Statistics' unit of work, collecting, interpreting and presenting data in a variety of ways.
As always, we will continue to learn our 3x, 4x and 8x tables.
We will be reflecting on and discussing the question...

Why do some people think life is like a journey? Where do we go? What do people think about life after death?
Coverage includes-
-Parts of a plant and their functions (roots, stem/truck, leaves and flowers)
-What a plant needs to grow (air, light, water, nutrients room to grow)
-How water travels through a flower.
-Explore the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants
Music-Three Little Birds-Reggae links to Jamaica and animals
PE-REAL PE-Cognitive Skills and REAL GYM-Rotation Sequences
French-Colours, names of fruit, stating preferences of fruit and colours
DT/ART-Developing colour mixing, brush and painting skills