This topic will allow the children to explore their learning through various subjects such as English, computing and art. We will look at the current use of robotic technology in our society and how on-going developments might affect our future. We will be creating our own robots, describing them and making a car for the Iron Man during DT day in March. We will also be reading our class book ' The Iron Man'.
Year_3 Spring 2 Curriculum Topics
Measure (kg and g), addition and subtraction (formal and mental methods), finding the change, perimeter and time will be covered this half term. As always we will continue to practise our timetables ( 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x, 10x) and our mental recall of facts such as adding three 1 digit numbers, adding and subtracting two, two digit numbers (45+13) and adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and 100 i.e. 17+10/345+100.
Through our class text, The Iron Man, we will be covering the following genres of writing-descriptions, letter writing, dialogue, poetry, story writing and persuasive texts.
The children are still working hard to ensure the legibility of their handwriting is increasing and that they are self-checking for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.
Is is Time for a Robot Rampage?
Light is the topic for Spring 2 and we will be completing experiments to support and question our knowledge of this topic. We will be discussing and thinking about how light travels through different materials, how shadows are created and what different light sources we have in and around our environment.
The following questions will be discussed with lots of time for reflection and discussion.
What is ‘good’ about Good Friday?
Should religious people be sad when someone dies?
Do scared texts have to be ‘true’ to help people understand their religion?
Can the arts help to communicate religious beliefs?
Other areas of our curriculum
Learning Mindset-Be Resilient
PE-Applying physical skills and hockey
ICT-Repeat Forever Iteration
French-Colours and names of fruit stating preference
We will continue to develop our knowledge of spelling homophones (stare/stair) and how the prefixes ‘super', ‘auto’ and 'anti' are used.
The children will also be revising their understanding of verbs, adjectives and nouns as well as looking at different sentence types (command, statement, exclamation, question).
We will continue to develop our use of conjunctions and connecting phrases.