We will be learning about the Arctic and Antarctic regions so we can deepen our knowledge of climate zones and biomes. We will apply this knowledge to make comparisons with other known locations. We will be looking at how both people and animals have adapted in order to survive in cold climates.
Year_3 Year 3 Spring 2 Curriculum Topics
Our writing will be based upon our topic 'Pole to Pole'. We will write in a variety of genres including letter writing, poetry, diary entries, descriptions and persuasive texts. In order to support our understanding of the polar regions, we will be reading the text, 'Trapped by the Ice,' written by Michael Mc Curdy. As always, Year 3 will be working hard to accurately punctuate their writing, check that their ideas make sense and using conjunctions to extend and add more detail to their sentences.
We will continue to develop our knowledge of adding and subtracting sums of money and finding the change. We will progress on to length and finding the perimeter of 2d shapes. Recognising fractions and equivalent fractions as well as finding fractions of amounts will be taught later on in the half term. A daily focus of our maths sessions is recalling the multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.
From Pole to Pole
Year 3 will spend this half term looking at and comparing human and animal skeletons. We will be discussing and researching into how we can live a healthy life by having a balanced diet and having the right amount of nutrition. As part of our science lessons we will be looking at various scientific enquiry strands such as, identifying and classifying and fair and comparative testing.
PE-Real PE-Creative Skills/REAL Gym-Flight Sequences
RE-The Journey of Life and Death
French, Computing, Music
French-Revision of previous vocabulary/classroom objects
Computing-Simple Coding
Music-The Dragon Song
Art and Design and DT
Art-Pencil and charcoal drawings
DT-Puppet making