This term we will be reading a text called 'Krindlekrax' and using this book we will be writing newspaper reports, wanted posters, descriptions and applying our knowledge of writing dialogue to describe events and characters. This is a fantastic book which will be used to develop our reading skills. We will be predicting, inferring the feelings of characters and sharing our understanding of the text.
Year_3 Summer 1 Curriculum Topics
Practising our times tables and recalling number facts to 10, 20 and 100 will continue to be our mental maths focus for this term.
In Spring 1, we will be covering the following units: fractions, telling the time, and measures. Please refer to the vocabulary sent home for further details.
Science - Light
We will be continuing this topic to learn about:
- reflective surfaces
- mirrors
- sun safety
- making and changing shadows.
What do we know about Ancient Greece?
The children will be answering the following questions through discussion, role play and reflection time

Do sikhs think it's important to share?
History and Geography
This term we will be looking at the following:
- Location of Greece and comparing the land use in Ancient Greece to the UK
- Identifying important places using an atlas
- Greek life including democracy, olympics, beliefs etc.
Computing-Controlling on Screen
PE-Orienteering and physical skills
Art-Ancient Greek art-pottery and sketching
PSHE - healthy relationships
Things to remember
We MUST be reading and practising spellings daily!
Times tables knowledge is very important so keep practising as much as possible!
PE days: Tuesday and Friday
Reading mornings: Tuesday and Friday