English will be taught through our topic 'Butterflies' and our class text 'Gregory Cool'. We will be producing writing in a variety of genres and will be focusing on using a rich vocabulary. Handwriting will continue to be an important part of our lessons as well as self-checking spelling, punctuation and grammar. Planning and discussion will enable us to write texts which are of a high quality and which contain the features of the given genre.
Year_3 Summer 2 Curriculum Topics
Telling the time-Telling the time on a 24 hour clock and to the nearest 5 minutes and calculating durations of time.
Addition and subtraction-finding the change, using the inverse, estimating answers, recalling number facts fluently.
3d shapes-naming and describing the properties of 3d and 2d shapes.
Year 3 will all have their very own caterpillar/butterfly in class this half term and we will watch the amazing transformation of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The children will house the caterpillar and watch it grow in order to understand the lifecycle of a butterfly. In class, we will be looking at a butterfly's habitat, diet and the different species. This topic will be studied through a variety of subjects such as computing, art and English.
Butterflies Everywhere!
'Helping a Plant Grow Well' is our science topic and we will have the opportunity to plant our own seeds and observe them grow. Thinking about what a plant needs to grow well, a plant's lifecycle and seed dispersal will be an important part of our science curriculum this term.
The units are...
Applying Physical Skills
Health and Fitness
Please ensure children have their PE kits in school every day as sports day practises will be timetabled for this half term.
Learning Mindset-Be Responsible

Changes will be the main focus for this half term to enable the children to prepare for their transition into Year 4.
RE-Would visiting the River Ganges feel special to a non-Hindu?
French-Revision of previous topics, days of the week and months of the year
Art/DT-Pointillism, cookery and textiles
Computing-Inputs and Outputs
Financial Capability-Preparation and planning for parent workshop.