Our topic this half term is all about the Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will be learning about the different types of houses and comparing that to our knowledge of the Stone Age housing. We will discuss why these are important parts of history and discuss what the Bronze Age and Iron Age people gave us. We will research the daily life of people from these Ages, what they ate, what they wore and how they progressed over time!
Year_4 Summer 1 Curriculum Topics
In English we will focus on developing our skills to write for different purposes. We will write newspaper reports, book reviews, diaries, adverts, poems and more. The book we are focussing on this half term ‘The Boy with the Bronze Axe’ by Kathleen Fidler links with our topic. We will focus on using a range of adjectives to interest the reader and using the correct punctuation confidently.
In our maths lessons we will develop our addition and subtraction skills, as well as our multiplication and division knowledge. We will apply these skills to solve a range of problems. We will continue to improve our knowledge of telling the time and our times tables. We will also be investigating 2d and 3d shapes and looking at their different properties.
Tribal Tales
How do we hear? How do our ears work? What are sound waves? During this half term these will be some of the questions we will look at in our Science lessons. We will explore with different materials, musical instruments and string telephones to learn all about sound waves and vibrations! We will investigate which materials can soundproof a range of noises and why noises become louder and quieter depending on how far they are away.
Art and DT
In our Art and DT lessons we will be looking at a range of Bronze/Iron age jewellery and designing our own. We will then create our own jewellery using clay and paint. We will also design and create our own hunting tools using a range of materials
What is the best way for a Jew to show commitment to God?
Do religious people lead better lives?
Is religion the most important influence and inspiration in everyone’s life?
Does participating in worship help people to feel closer to God or their faith community?
General Information
PE: Thursday and Monday
Spelling and homework: given out on Friday and due back the following Wednesday