General Information
Homework handed out on Wednesdays and due in on Mondays.
Spelling tests will be every Monday.
Reading mornings on Tuesday and Thursday.
P.E will be on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.
Year_4 Summer 2 Curriculum Topics
English this half term will be based on our Roman topic. We will write from the perspective of a Roman gladiator and use drama to take us back in time. We will also create newspaper reports, poems, letters and stories. We will also read ‘Romans on the Rampage’ and use this book to help us write creatively about the Romans.
Throughout the half term we will continue to develop our mathematical skills in the following areas:
• Geometry- Properties of Shape
• Geometry- Position and Direction
• Time
• Data Handling
• Times tables
• Measurement
• Roman Numerals
I am a Warrior!
Our topic this half term is based on the Roman Empire! We will be looking into how the Romans lived. We will look closely at how the Romans invaded countries and what life was like as a soldier!
Our next science topic will explore the fascinating world of ‘electricity’. We will be creating our own circuits using bulbs, wires, batteries, cells, motors and buzzers. We will also discuss the difference between conductors and insulators.
This half term we will be focussing on the following questions:
• Do people need to go to church to show they are Christians?
• Do religious people lead better lives?
• Does participating in worship help people to feel closer to God or their faith community?
Our Art will be linked to our Roman topic and we will be designing and creating our own Mosaic using a variety of colours. We will look at examples of Roman Mosaics and use them to influence our own.