This half term we will be looking at some of the Mayan creation stories. This will enable us to look at different genres of writing such as:
*non-chronological reports
Year_6 Spring 2 Curriculum Topics
This half term we will be focusing on:
*calculating with decimals
*ratio, percentages and proportion
*word problems
Science: Evolution & Inheritence
We will be looking at the work of Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace to understand these two intriguing terms. We will cover:
*The process of evolution
*Why offspring are similar to parents
What happened to the Mayans?
In this topic, we will study the impact that the Mayans had on America. and why their civilisation fell. We hope to study:
*Key figures
*How the Mayans lived
Computing: Data & Information
We will be developing skills to understand how microprocessors or CPUs (central processing units) are binary systems. Children will learn to read and write values using the system.
Our PSHE topic looks at taking care of the environment and our responsibilities for using shared resources.

On Tuesdays, Y6 will be having a weekly yoga session in the afternoon.
In PE our focus is Gymnastics. We will also be working on fundamental skills for PE.
R.E. (Christianity)
This half term, our focus religion is Christianity. We will examine the following question:
Is Christianity Still As Strong 2000 years after Jesus' birth?