In maths we will be covering during the Autumn 1 half term:
- Addition and subtraction
- Number bonds to 20
- Properties of shape
Year_1 Autumn One Curriculum Topics
In English this half term we will be covering the basic skills of writing including using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. We will be looking at extending the vocabulary that we are using by considering more interesting adjectives that we could use. Throughout the half term we will be reading different stories and writing recounts. A huge focus this half term will be on the use of phonics to spell words correctly.
All children will receive key word packs which have the first 100 words in them (regardless of the set children left reception on). The purpose of these packs is to allow children to revisit all of the words throughout the year and spell them. Reading should be done at home as frequently as possible using a range of texts and refer to the reading strategies (animals). The reading target for Autumn is to 'spotting punctuation marks when we are reading'.
PE this half term will be Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure children have kits in school on those days. Please also make sure that all kit is named so that any lost items can be returned back to your child. We will be focusing on key skills such as balance and co-ordination as well as dance.
This includes history and geography and will relate to the topic covered. This half term it will be journeys and in geography our focus will be landmarks in Paris and London, using maps to give directions and looking at photos of our local area. In history children will look at events such as Bonfire Night, Remembrance Sunday and the history of the Harvest Festival. We will also look at a famous person, Christopher Columbus.
We will have a collage focus which will be a beach theme design collage using a range of materials We will also design a hot air balloon (symmetrical patterns).
The RE focus this half term will be The Harvest Festival. We will learn about why we celebrate the harvest and how we celebrate it. There will be a Harvest Festival in school which the children will create a range of art work to show.