Our English focus this half term will be non-fiction, where we will write about the famous astronaut, Neil Armstrong! We will be looking at the features of non-fiction which will also link into our reading focus. We will also be writing blast off poems.
Year_1 Spring 1 Curriculum Topics
In maths we will be continuing to master the hundred square by completing addition and subtraction number sentences. We have worked a lot on this so far in maths and now we need to ensure that we are confident and independently using it. Another big focus in maths will be time, where will begin to understand the concept of tim but also read the time to o' clock and half past.
We will move onto looking at materials this half term, by naming and describing the properties of the materials.
Have a look around your house, how many materials can you find? What are your curtains made from? What material are your knives and forks made from?
In a Galaxy Far Far Away
History and Geography
In topic we will be naming the planets in our solar system and learning a way of remembering which order they are positioned from the sun. It is ..... My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Up New Potatoes!

We will also look at Moon landings and survival in space.. and not to forget rockets!
This half term we will be focusing on core skills of balance and also continuing our dance theme which we have all loved!

Art and DT
We will be using chalk to make space pictures and designing and making an alien from outer space!