Parent Group

About Us

Every parent is automatically a member of Coit Parents’ Group (CPG). The main focus of the group is to organise fundraising events to raise money for resources for the school that it would otherwise not be able to afford.

We also hope the events we organise will be fun and add to children’s happy and memorable times whilst a pupil at Coit.

Thank you

The events and fund raising we do for the children would not be possible without the generosity and support of all parents & grandparents.


All the money raised at our various fundraising activities/ events has allowed us to fund the following resources for school.

  • New Interactive White Board
  • Visit to school from Tricksy the Dinosaur
  • Transport for the whole school trip to the Christmas Pantomime at the Lyceum Theatre.
  • Donation towards Y6 leavers' celebration



We hold events throughout the year.

100 Club Information

Coit Parent Group runs a monthly 100 club prize draw.

For £1 per month you can buy a number into our 100 Club prize draw. In fact, you can buy as many numbers as you like each month.

We pay out 50% of the monthly pot each month in 3 cash prizes, with the remaining 50% of the pot being added to the CPG fundraising pot for school resources.

Prize winners will be published on here and in the schools newsletter. 

If you would like to join, please complete the 100 Club mandate and return to the school office to be allocated your numbers.
Alternatively, you can set a monthly payment up via online banking but please advise the office so they can give you your numbers.

Click here for a 100 club mandate.

Recent prize Winners:

January 2021

1st Prize M Parker £17.50

2nd Prize J Steel

3rd Prize S & K Haine

December 2020

1st Prize N Tevendale £17.50

2nd Prize R Sykes £11.66

3rd Prize M Creswick £5.84

November 2020

1st Prize S & K Haine £17.50

2nd Prize S & K Haine £11.66

3rd Prize C Hemingway £5.84

October 2020

1st Prize B & R Hill £18.50

2nd Prize A Broomhead £12.33

3rd Prize M Marsden £6.17

September 2020

1st Prize R Sykes £21.00

2nd Prize M Parker £14.00

3rd Prize J & J Revill £7.00

August 2020

1st Prize J Steel £21.25

2nd Prize Z Fisher £14.17

3rd Prize C Hemingway £7.08

July 2020

1st Prize D Statham £21.75

2nd Prize B Forbes £14.50

3rd Prize J Steel £7.25


Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved and help. You are very welcome to join the group and attend our meetings, or perhaps you could volunteer at an event. You may have an idea for a new event.
The next CPG meeting is Monday 23rd September at 6pm at school.